Bruno Valet Automotive Swivel Mobility Seat
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The Valet® Plus is a State of The Art
Vehicle Access Seat
By Bruno

A step above the Valet Seat, Bruno's Valet Plus is a luxury seat that combines elegance with marvelous functionality and represents the reward you deserve.

Individually programmed at installation to ensure the best fit and function, the Valet Plus features power forward/backward seat adjustment with full seat recline. The best driver access seat available today. With an impressive array of colors, and new Metro Tech fabric and Ultraleather™ Plus materials - it feels like the seat has been tailored just for you!

Makes entering and exiting your higher vehicle easy
User weight capacity of 330 lb/150 kg

Safe - uses automotive swivel seat and seat belt; meets or exceeds all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards

Turning automotive swivel seat
Installations available Toronto Ontario
Victoria Vancouver BC

No structural modifications to your vehicle - will not affect resale

Can reinstall in your next vehicle
Can be stopped at any point for ideal car or van transfer seat height

Power or manual rotate TAS versions available
Hundreds of vehicle-specific mounting kits provide a safe and precise installation for minivans, SUVs, pickup trucks, CUVs and full-size vans - first and second row applications available (check with us to confirm compatibility with your vehicle)
Our completely automatic pivoting swivel car seat and lowering seat base will turn your head. Smooth, motorized motions will make getting in and out of your vehicle so much easier.

While pivoting, your XL-BASE auto transfer seat gives substantial leg room and you can stop the mechanism at any point during the motions - pivoting or descent.

The mechanism is installed under your original seat so as to take up very minimal space. When sitting in the swivel seat or behind it - you won't even notice it is there!

Your seat back still reclines completely! Your comfort is no longer compromised. Relax on a long trip or rest comfortably while you're waiting.

Using your vehicle's original seat, our mechanism is installed into the seat's original floor bolts. You keep the original look and feel of your vehicle.

You can lease a vehicle and still have the ease of mobility a auto transfer seat provides. Available in a number of makes and models of minivans for the front and center passenger side positions.

Get your turning automotive swivel seat installed at Toronto Ontario
Vancouver Victoria BC
Adapt Solutions Automotive turning swivel Transfer  Seat
The Adapt Solutions XL-SEAT ( handicap transfer seat ) is a motorized transfer board that assists in bridging the gap for transfers from a wheelchair into the driver's or passengers seat. It is also available for the front passenger position and mid section.
Bruno Turny Van Swivel Transfer Seats Carry the
Plan Warranty

Turning Seat

Bruno Swivel turning Transfer Seats can be moved to another vehicle that is compatiple  with the Turny Seat
or XL Base

Mobility turning car seats are far cheaper than modified van conversions
Installations Bruno Valet Car Seats Toronto Ontario Victoria BC